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The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently launched a dedicated customer support page for the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. The page contains general information on how to submit a general inquiry regarding an EB-5 application or petition, including how to escalate an inquiry to the Immigrant Investor Program Office.

What is the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program?
It is an employment-based immigrant category that allows foreign nationals to qualify for green cards based on investment and employment creation in the United States. 

To be granted an EB-5 visa, a foreign national may invest $1 million in a U.S. business and employ 10 U.S. workers or invest $500,000 in either an area of high unemployment or through the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program

How can I use the EB-5 mailbox?
In its continued effort to make immigrant visa processing more efficient and user-friendly, USCIS has a dedicated mailbox wherein EB-5 applicants may communicate with USCIS for the following: 

  • Check the status of an EB-5 application or petition that is outside published processing times (For cases within the published processing times, visit Case Status Online).
  • Change the contact or attorney information on an EB-5 application or petition.
  • Report within 30 days changes  to a designated regional center’s operation or administration, including changes of  address, contact information, principal(s) and contracting agents.
  • Report problems with EB-5 related biometrics processing.
  • Report that an EB-5 petition receipt notice or Application Support Center notice has not been received or contains incorrect information.
  • Request expedited processing of a pending EB-5 application or petition (the request must include supporting evidence to demonstrate that at least one of the criteria listed on the Expedite Criteria page has been met).
  • Report any EB-5 notice or decision that appears to contain a gross error.

The EB-5 Mailbox is not for:

  • Policy and legal questions about adjudicative procedures or decisions;
  • Questions about the interpretation, implementation or administration of EB-5 laws and regulations, or about official agency guidance related to the adjudication of EB-5 applications or petitions;
  • Responses to case-specific requests for evidence, notices or decisions; or
  • Any matters unrelated to the EB-5 program.

For additional information, please follow these links to the USCIS dedicated web pageEB-5 filing tips, and general information about the EB-5 Program.

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