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Do you want to start your own company in the U.S.? Do you work at a foreign Company that wants you to transfer to their U.S. branch? Is there a U.S. company interested in hiring you? Are you a freelance artist or musician looking to take on gigs in the United States? Do you want to work in the U.S. for a few years, or are you looking to permanently reside here in your employment role? In any of these instances, you will need an employment based visa to accomplish your goals. Picking the right visa based on your needs is paramount to achieving your dreams. Click below for more information about the variety of business immigration options available. 


Adjustment of Status | Consular Processing | CITIZENSHip 

Are you a green card holder or a U.S. citizen who wants to bring a family member to the United States to live here? Do you have family member currently living in the United States who would like to apply for permanent residence? Are you a green card holder who wants to become a U.S. citizen? Do you have a U.S. citizen parent and think you may have automatically also become a U.S. citizen? Click below for more information on our services related to family based immigration and citizenship. 


Asylum | Waivers | Trafficking & Crime Victims Visa 

Did you leave your country because your were escaping a dangerous situation? Are you currently in the U.S. and something new has happened in your home country that makes it dangerous for you to return? Have you been the victim of a crime in the United States? Have you been arrested or do you have an immigration violation that is preventing you from obtaining the immigration status you need? You may be eligible for asylum, a U or T visa, or a waiver of inadmissibility or deportability. Click below for more information. 


B-1 Business Visitor | B-2 Tourist/Medical

Do you want to come to the U.S. to explore investment opportunities? Do you have to be in the U.S for a short period of time for job related reasons? Do you have family you want to visit or a celebration you need to attend in the United States? Is there a medical procedure that you need done in the United States? Let us help you! Click below for more information. 


entity set-up | Business Plans 

Thinking of setting up a business in the United States? Wisely navigating the business terrain in the U.S. and understanding its intersection with immigration laws is especially important for foreign national entrepreneurs. Whether it's creating the business entity, drafting business documents, or creating a viable business plan with financial projections, we can help you. Click below for more information on our business services for both non-profit and for-profit ventures.